Our philosophy for a successful yacht conversion has the following parameters to consider:

It is our opinion that not all classic vessels or even modern cruise or research vessels are suitable for a successful conversion. Many factors have to be considered and experience is needed to judge on equipment and machinery. The planned use of the vessel is one of the main criteria to select the right vessel.

A customer that wants to cruise in Alaska and the Antarctic certainly needs a very different vessel than the one who will mainly cruise the bays of the French Riviera. 

After considering the vessels that seem to be the right fit for the client first drawings will show the potential of each candidate and will limit already the choice to further plan the project. Next step will be to inspect the vessels that remain on the list of possible candidates to get a feeling of the condition and general dimensions.

Now comes the hardest part for the client: to make a decision to purchase. But most clients we have served in the last 20 years fell in love with 'their' vessel at first sight and it was mainly negotiating the price and terms of delivery to the new owners.

Our team will suggest the best available shipyards for each project very careful, considering always the project specifics and future plans. Together with the yard and the new owner a budget will be designed.

The process of the conversion itself is a rather exiting experience! To watch the ship to transform into a modern equipped and stylish appointed yacht is worth the whole effort for all involved! 

But a successful conversion is only accomplished if the vessel also enters her cruising program with top success and her owners are happy!

This can be achieved to start with thinking ahead even during the conversion taking place. A thorough maintenance plan is to be designed as well as a spare part storage/back up solution. Class related planning is also essential to be integrated into the cruising itinerary. 

With all of the above we are very familiar and would be proud to deliver a 'turn key' solution to any new owner who wants to get into this experience! Please contact us to discuss your project.
130m Cruise Cat
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This page was last updated: June 15, 2019
94m NOAA Research Vessel
This photo was taken inside the bulbous bow of the above vessel and shows the founder of our company together with the happy owner and star designer Philippe Starck who was responsible for the re-design of the vessel.
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"